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Mohan Nadkarni

She seems to have what it takes to feature in the Gallary of veterans from the younger generation. Even while she demonstrated tremendous Tayyari in her Raag-renditions her recital afforded great emotional satisfaction.

Times of India - 1.8.96

Shubhada's music - blend of three styles. Apart from her extremely cultivated voice the repertoire reveals many felicities of tone,style and rhythm. Her singing was emotionally fulfilling and intellectually appealing.

Economic Times - 11.12.88



Groomed by turns in the Agra and Gwalior tradition of Khayal Gayaki Shubhada's exposition of the former in the elaborate Alaap was authentic and pleasing. There was exquisite Layakari in the Taans bol taans and saragams which swayed with the tempo of the beats. The embilishment were so well arranged as to enable the "Sama" to fall in place almost automatically as it were.

Hindustan Times - 20.9.87



Tiny of frame but robust of voice,Shubhada had all the elements of Khayal in the right proportion - one of the finest renderings one has heard in recent times.

Times of India - 25.2.93


Batuk Diwanji

Shubhada has a sweet and pliable voice and a good command over layakari. She displayed complete mastery over the intricate layakari of Agra Gharana and complex Phirat taans of Jaipur Gharana.

Times of India - 31.8.88


Amerendra Nandu Dhaneshwar

Shubhada's intonation was quite forceful; Nobody can deny its impact. She placed emphasis on a lively interaction between rhythm and melody. Her sense of rhythm is quite acute and sharp. Her taankriya is impressive. One marvelled at the speed and ease with which she unleashed her fast and forceful taans. They invested her music with power and verve.

Indian Post - 8.10.88


Dr.Shriranga Sangoram (Pune)

Landing on the 'Sama' accurately and that too with different patterns everytime is not at all an easy task. Maintaining the purity of Raga and displaying diversity at every step in the complex bol taans, concurrently preserving the beauty and the magnificcence of the 'Bandish' displays her versatality.

Pune Sakal (Marathi) - 4.10.88


Shrikrishna Dalvi

The progressive exposition of a Raga through bol-taans, accurately maintained purity of raga equally felecitious Alaap, bol and taan with full mastery on rhythm are the characteristics of her music. The rhythmic reproduction of sthayi and antara in the vilambit khayal, intelligent use of bol-alaaps and bol-taans in the bandish captivate the attention of the audience.

Maharashtra Times (Marathi) - 15.5.88/21.7.88


Madanlal Vyas

Shubhada - gifted with a very melodious voice has a great self confidence. The ease with which she lands after intricate layakari seems to be miracle. Her performance is an excellent example of the meticulousely acquired style of Gwalior Gharana.

Navbharat Times (Hindi) - 13.1.87


Vasant Karnad

Systematic layout by first outlining the melody the complete Asthai-Antara the delineations employing moving phrases and a continued graceful flow were the Hall marks of her presentation.

Indian Express - 29.11.88

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